Marketing & Sales Department in MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES ENGINE SYSTEM ASIA PTE. LTD. has been established in 2001, as a regional sales office of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in South East Asia for MGS Diesel Generator Series.

After the years, our activities are expanded to serve you better;

  • Service Territory by our subsidiary companies:

    • MHIES-P: Philippines
    • MHIES-I: Indonesia
    • MHIES-ME: Gulf Countries (Middle East)
    • MHIES-A: other South East Asia
                   (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia),
                   Australia, South Asia (India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan)
  • Products:
    • MGS Diesel Generator series
    • Special use diesel generator sets (MU-G and MOG)
    • Gas Generator sets
    • Large and small diesel engines for generator application (OEM supply)
    • Marine engines

If you have any inquiry, please contact us, or MHIES subsidiary or our dealers network.